Monday, April 30, 2007

Equal Opportunity Election Fixers

Last week Lauren wrote about how Fox News decided to rig the Republican primary by keeping Ron Paul out of its debates. Everyone knows that Ron Paul is likely to make the other candidates look bad.

So now, CNN is doing the same thing on the Democratic side.

Apparently, Gravel, a former senator from Alaska, made the other candidates look bad in their last debate. He spent too much time cross-examining them for their comfort, especially those who had voted to go to war in Iraq (he voted against it).

The corporate news media cannot stand to have any mavericks in the debates. If the presumed front runners were exposed to be the fools they are, it probably would do something to their investor relations.

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Lauren said...

AND Alaska can't look like it has any power. AND just being from Alaska makes you a maverick. AND war coverage is big news and big money. AND blah blah blah, to quote Simon & Garfunkle.