Monday, December 18, 2006

It's ALIVE!?

And God created great whales, and every living creature that moveth. . . . Genesis 1:21.

A new publication from the IRS on charitable giving has this interesting take on the state of our law:

The IRS considers this publication a living document, one that will be revised
to take into account future developments and feedback. Comments on the
publication may be submitted to the IRS at the following address:

Internal Revenue Service
1111 Constitution Avenue,
Washington, DC 20224
Attn: T:EO:CE&O

Does the IRS's subjective opinion on the state of the document make it alive? If so, how can they justify revising it? Wouldn't that be cruel? And if it is alive, who made it so?

Maybe they should ask the document what it thinks about all this.

Let's all drop T:EO:CE&O a postcard and ask him (or it) the answers to these pressing issues.


Mrs. B said...

I think we should demand that this living, aka "organic" document be sent to the National Forensics Laboratory, a logically presumable division of the Department of Homeland Security, for DNA testing. Or maybe it's an RNA organism;I suspect it's a virus. Maybe it's a new lifeform. Once we know its cytological category, we can settle the matter and place it properly on the Government Document Genome Map without undue delay.

Benjamin said...

Victorbravo, I am very glad that you came to the conclusion that we should ask the document what it thinks about all this. We must stop forcing our beliefs and opinions on poor living documents such as this. Join the P.O.O.R. movement for “Preventing Obtrusion of Organic Records” This document needs our help to stop the tyranny of being “modified” by another against its own will, or by having itself dissected as mrs. b suggests. How shameful.

But, on the other hand, until one has proved its origin and citizenship, the only proper thing to do may be to deem it an illegal alien, wait I mean Immigrant. If said living ‘organism?’ is indeed deemed a citizen, I demand equal rights, and treatment of the “living” document including and not limited to back taxes. Like I said, we are here to help these living documents.